My primary experience is in using programming to provide industrial strength solutions to problems experienced by researchers in conducting their research endeavors. In crafting these solutions, I also strive to provide a high level of IT professionalization, using the tools of source control, code documentation, Test Driven Development, and the distinctions of development, test, and production environments that are the mainstay of traditional IT service provisions. I also stress the use of Open Source technology, not just to save money, but because I believe that research, especially public research, has a responsibility to foster the use of open data, and open source software. 

Authored Content

Greenhouse garden with tomatoes

Keep track of your greenhouse's temperature, humidity, and ambient light using a microcontroller, sensors, Python, and MQTT.
Metrics and a graph illustration

Setting up an environment-monitoring system demonstrates how to use open source tools to keep tabs on temperature, humidity, and more.

Celebrate the holidays or any special occasion with a DIY light display using a Raspberry Pi, Python, and programmable LED lights.
Person using a laptop

This Bash script enables developers to focus on their code rather than the deployment logic in each project.
Team checklist and to dos

The Bash Automated Testing System puts Bash code through the same types of testing processes used by Java, Ruby, and Python developers.