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Christopher Aedo has been working with and contributing to open source software since his college days. Most recently he can be found at Teradata where he serves as Director of Open Source, focusing on helping the organization embrace open source software through internal use and external contributions. When he’s not at work or speaking at a conference, he’s probably using a RaspberryPi to brew and ferment a tasty homebrew in Portland OR.

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I'm going to start this response with I COULD BE WRONG! (I don't want to take responsibility for someone being hit with a big transfer bill if I am mistaken...)

That said - my understanding is that when you mount an s3 bucket as a file system, you're able to access blocks randomly. So you wouldn't need to stream the entire backup just to get a small portion of it. In my own poking around for tests I was definitely able to pull out a file without (as far as I could tell) streaming the entire backup. I would suggest a quick test though to validate, as I am pretty sure you can do a partial restore without streaming the entire backup archive.

Flavio, yes I should have said Windows PCs. Borg Backup will run under the Windows 10 Linux Subsystem though their site says it's currently considered experimental. Presumably rclone would work under the linux subsystem as well, so it should be possible to run all of this on Windows 10.