Brandon Dorman

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Great start, but I think you can go even further! Faculty can develop powerful content-editing tools with, students can create renewable assessments by posting podcasts on topics instead of static book reports... and why not have them take a look at certain data plots etc to learn how to manipulate data through SQL And spreadsheets? (ok, dataclips could be set up by the teacher to capture specific information perhaps but have the students work with/present the data?)

I've started a site but haven't had time this summer - the idea of an "Open Stack" school: students and teachers running on linux from top to bottom including OER content. Hoping the K12 OER Collaborative resources will be friendly to Moodle/the like so we don't have another EngageNY "Here's our stuff in PDF's" problem. if anyone wants to collaborate on a guide for schools/districts looking at FOSS software instead of proprietary solutions.