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Hello Bruce, I think one of the reasons that slow down the adoption of Postgres is the AMP stack, so people started to use MySQL as beginner.

Hello Brandon,

LDAP is well famous and stabile protocol that is used a lot at corporate level, many software like Drupal, Jenkins, Nexus, Owncloud, Atlassian Suite, Redmine, Apache, PAM, Postfix support it. Of course there can be new protocol around, for example rest api, but the concept is always the same. The difference among various software is the level of extension they provide, for example ApacheDS and OpenDj support various password encryption methods which could be one of your requirements if previously you saved password in a particular format and you don't want ask your users to change their password as soon as an ldap server installed. For me Ldap is the natural choice as soon as new software need to be installed since only few of them can act as Single Sign On client so you want make sure at least user centralization.