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>What typically happens is that fedora ends up getting installed in a way too small part of the disk

This is because when you select automatic partitioning, netinstall ISO defaults to LVM+XFS ans since XFS cannot be shrinked and different people will have different use cases and different needs, 15 GB logical volume is created for the root partition and you will have the rest as unallocated space so you can use it however you like. As you mentioned, you can extend it to take up all free space on the volume group after installation, or select manual partitioning and create the partition layout which suits your use case.

"If a .vimrc file is on your system, Vim starts in Vi-compatibility mode."

This is incorrect. From :help 'compatible'

When a vimrc or gvimrc file is found while Vim is starting up,
this option is switched off, and all options that have not been
modified will be set to the Vim defaults. Effectively, this means
that when a vimrc or gvimrc file exists, Vim will use the Vim
defaults, otherwise it will use the Vi defaults.