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Does this work on Macs too?

Android did not become popular because it was open sourced. It became popular because nobody was prepared for the iPhone and iOS, and Google was willing to invest millions in its development and gave it for free as a strategic move, and all phone manufacturers that did not have an operating system of their own needed one to compete with iPhone and quickly. Even companies like Rim, Microsoft and Nokia, which had their own OS could not compete with the innovation the iPhone introduced. If the iPhone had not been exclusive to AT&T and would have been adopted earlier by the major carriers worldwide, the situation today would be very different. This does not mean Android is not good, it just came to market at the right time to be embraced. I consider projects like Apache and Linux real open source success stories as they were started by small groups of individuals and managed to grow a community that made them the powerhouses they are today. A company investing billions of dollars in a product and giving it away is just a gift.