Authored Comments

Great article and right on target!

As part of my CS course work at university include a course in Technical Writing. This course was beyond the normal required Eng101 - Basic Composition. Great course from a great instructor. As a part of the course we had to describe a process, describe an object - specifically a tool and how to use it. Also, had to write to various audiences (neophyte, basic, advanced, guru, etc.).

Something such as this should be required for anyone in any technical field - engineering, computers, etc. Not only did it provide me the foundation to explain things to end users (think- customers) - but also, and equally importantly, to corporate leadership. The folks that decide if you get to keep your position.

I tell my kids - the most important skill you can ever learn is that of effective communication. Above and beyond any technical (professional) capabilities you may gain. If you cannot effectively communicate your thought, idea, or concept to someone else then how far do you think you are going to be able to go with advancing your position?