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Boulder, CO United States

Director of Information Technology for SparkFun Electronics, former image processor for the Cassini imaging team, math and technology enthusiast.
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Our hardware utilizes <a href="">CC BY SA 3.0</a> which allows for commercial uses. It's just our images that have the non-commercial stipulation. This is due to the fact that if a third party reproduces our hardware for commercial purposes it probably won't look like exactly like what we produce so the burden is on them to take accurate photographs of what they've built.

As for being open from the beginning, I see the argument in favor of that. Ultimately it comes down to making sure our ideals map to practical reality, however. Some corners of our ERP system may present a very real security risk by exposing the source simply because it is legacy code that was not built with a particularly secure architecture. Other corners have company-specific account data (e.g. keys for APIs) that haven't yet been broken out and stored more sanely. These are the biggest factors in keeping things closed and until they are all addressed no potential for goodwill by ripping back the covers will trump our security concerns.