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Postgres keeps on amazing me - I switched from sql server 3 years ago. At the time, I was blow away - by so much capability not in ms sql server, such as - surprisingly powerful native sql functions, domains , exclusion constraints, windows functions with aggregates plus enterprise features which cost a fortune with ms completely free. Also Postgres now seems to be accelerating it's rate of improvement, which is very exciting.
Re pgadmin comment , no need to be abusive, but I have to agree to some extent, functionality is okish, but pgadmin is so ugly, therefore does unfortunately tarnish users impression of the wonderful db underneath. A nice looking gui client for pc / mac or a rich web client - ideally with an easy to install pre- configured integrated http server for table/view browsing + function calling - would be extremely welcome. Also please rename - postgres is much neater than awkward postgresql - i can think of no good reason to keep. Anyway much thanks and very well done to all involved.