Gerard Braad

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... but this is often where it goes wrong in a corporate environment. Empowerment or decision-making is often not fully granted as middle management is scared of 'lose of control'. In other words; 'to become irrelevant' or 'redundant'. I just think in that case they don't really understand their job; provide the tools and resources for your team to do their job. If this happens the team would have to result to something what I call; 'up-managing'. Up-managing is to package the decision-making up in a way that he decides and has control (and probably walks away with the results). It is a workaround... :-s Management needs to be re-invented, adapted to a 'new' way of working.

The same way as I did several days ago towards my own wife. She asked me: 'how can you even explain the open source way, when I don't even know what it is?'

She is a teacher... I only need to point out the simple fact of 'sharing' in education, as that is the same as she does: you exchange ideas and ways to solve problems.