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I agree with you on the financial aspect of cutting the cord on Adobe and Microsoft products. I attended school from 2009 to 2015 and paid for Adobe products, but back then it was financial aid so that seemed okay. But once I graduated in December of 2015 I kept on paying $9.99 for Microsoft 365 and $29.99 for Adobe Creative cloud, every month. By my calculations that is close to 500 dollars a year. For that very reason I started trying to figure out what to do to not spend so much money. I read a book called Linux from the command line and the author recommended that I make an assessment of what I use a computer for and I was shocked and surprised that I could actually save money by not doing the same old thing I had been doing. Granted the LInux apps seem only partially functional, but I am new to Linux and there was a huge learning curve for me. Usually I like learning new stuff, but this has been challenging to say the least. I did learn most of the features of scribus and found it hard to learn and use. Specifically Scribus doesn't really allow you to edit different parts of text and lumps it all together in the editor. I did try to work with the program, but wish the editing of my newsletter allowed me to insert the articles in the order that they were submitted to me without reconfiguring the entire document. I have given up on using scribus for my newsletter and will use Libre Office in the future for my newsletter. It is more like MS Word in that aspect and allows me to insert and move things around and edit the different parts as unique parts and not part of one long edit. I know one thing I won't do is give up and go back to Windows and Adobe products. Ever.