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Hina is an Agile Practitioner at Red Hat. She started off in the US public sector doing government contracting work while pursuing her passion for agile as a way to avoid bottlenecks in a world full of bureaucracy.  After a few years Hina jumped to a fast paced environment and is tackling the world of open source by working with the RHEL teams at Red Hat. She is always on the quest for creating sustainable work environments and drinking great cups of coffee. 

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I dont necessarily agree. Teams should be inclusive and there are many ways to build relationships without even realizing it. The article is not advocating for a one size fits all solution. Assess your environment and see what accommodates the team's personalities. Maybe they dont want to talk about games or have conference calls, but there is always a way to bond as long as there is common ground.

For example, you may have a team that likes to read tech blogs so something as easy as a tech blog sharing day where someone from the team choses to send out their favorite read for the week to the team can enable conversation and camaraderie.