Isaac Newton

Authored Comments

I didn’t start with LINUX but with UNIX. To be more precise: I had to administer a handful of HP/UX10.20 machines and finally had to replace them with Windows boxes. The main reason was software, mainly from National Instruments, which required a Windows OS. By that time my kids had to use Macintoshes at school and I was fascinated by the MacBook Air, which I got used some years later. I then found that the UNIX commands, I’ve learned also worked at the command prompt in the MB Air and at the same time I heard about the Raspberry Pi and found that this little computer - in that time the RPi2 - was also very compatible with the Mac and the UNIX. This got me hooked-up. With using the RPi for a small Temperature, Humidity and Pressure monitoring project I got into Git and the idea of open source and have put some of my ongoing projects to GitHub or GitLAB and have my own GitLAB servers in the company for proprietary code and the like. My personal goal is, to become M$-free as good as possible and replace all expensive proprietary software with open source solutions, wherever possible.