Jelte Lagendijk

Authored Comments

I have been doing extended research on this topic and in the end chose to use Jekyll. I have done a huge project:, where we have made the complete website Open Source on Github.

Fun project where I ended up moving quite some stuff from Jekyll to Node. For example generating Sitemaps tended to be faster when doing it in Node instead of Jekyll.

Bit... Here's the downside. Our documentation is about 2700 pages (I'll have to lookup the real number). Generating the whole site takes about 90 seconds. That's kind of annoying when you're iterating over small changes. I did a basic test in Hugo, it does it in about 500ms.

So if I am able to transfer the work that's done by plugins to Hugo/Node, I am going to refactor this to Hugo, because of the speed.

I might end up writing a similar blog about this project, it's long overdue.