Jacky Pang

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I too love my Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Owned an iPhone before, but it is just subpar.

Anyways, I respect what Apple has done with its brand, but detest almost everything else. If I'm correct, I recall Apple sueing over competitor's phone being rectangular and having a screen on it. No other companies sues as much as Apple. They just try to bottleneck the compitition because they can just no longer innovate as fast as companies like Samsung.

Another case study is the face unlock feature in ICS. Apple didn't even have the technology, but since they had every patent in human existance, they were able to sue.

Both Apple and the US patent system is broken.

Loved the smartphone comparison!!!
But managers can be innovators - not all managers, but enough. Besides, everyone can think of great ideas and apply them,even managers or people outside the company.

I think the book "REWORK" emphasizes similar points. Its also a great read I think.