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Palo Alto, CA

Jade Wang co-founded Sandstorm.io, an open source platform for personal servers. Previously, she created and led the developer engagement program for open source web framework Meteor, and grew the community to over a hundred active meetup groups in cities all over the world in just under 2 years. She also founded Chez JJ, the network of live-work communities for hackers, scientists, and entrepreneurs. Her background is in neuroscience (in which she has a PhD), and she was previously a research scientist at NASA Ames Research Center.

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You're right! That's why the 2 examples I gave used 1) github repos, and 2) Transifex.

And today, thanks to you, I learned about TranslateWiki, which looks pretty great too. Thanks for the recommendation!

Hey Don, Yes, and thanks for asking! Drop me a line at jade at sandstorm.io?