Jam'aan Al-Zahrani

Authored Comments

Open source's impact is immeasurable. Wither it's at the collective level or the individuals. That's why we need to extend our message here to reach places where the voice is blocked.

Thanks opensource.com for the opportunity to express our feelings.

Opensource technologies give me freedom. Yes I was a prisoner of property technologies for many years, to a point where I think I have no other options but to buy these pieces of software. Open source gives me the optionality, or free of choice, that every computer user should have. In my country, Saudi Arabia, the awareness of open source is getting more and more attention but not in the required level that every open source enthusiastic is hoping for.

I'm a Junior student at King Fahad University (KFUPM) and I gave three presentations in different terms about the open source technologies and I can see the opportunity to adopt open source way in the students live. This is my goal before graduation.