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Tried most of the ones listed above. Some of them are lacking features while others require a premium subscription if I wish to use all of their features.
It's such a shame that Wunderlist is shutting down, haven't found a software as good as this.
Here are three softwares I tried before that's not on the list:
Zenkit: easy-to-use, but lacking in many features. I decided to use other softwares after a few weeks.
Quire: The only software I find that is close to Wunderlist. Free, can collaborate with others, reminders, subtasks, Kanban boards, mobile app can sync offline... They're new though, so they're probably developing more features.
Todoist: You need to pay in order to use their features (very limited) Not worth the price.
Currently sticking with Quire. I'm not interested in using a task management software that requires paying monthly fees.

Thank you for the wonderful tips, Dawn!
Had a hard time doing remote work for a while, took me some time to get things back on track.
The biggest problem I encountered was that I kept getting caught in trifles I had at homes, such as chores and such. They're normally what I do after work, but ever since the pandemic, I've been home for 24 hours every day and all I want to do is finish the chores during work time.
Decided to use time management softwares such as TickTick, Quire, and Asana. They remind me what to do and when to do it. Quire also can set priorities on my tasks so that I can keep in mind on which ones are more important.
Greatly improved my efficiency.