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Jan Niggemann
Heilbronn, Germany

Jan Niggemann is a project manager and ERP administrator with a focus on process management in Heilbronn, Germany. He started using Linux in 1998 and quickly became an open source enthusiast. Besides being a family guy, he's a member of the redmine and Obnam projects.

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Nice article depicting aspects of computing that usually go unmentioned.
Export control started in the 1960s with COCOM and was followed-up by the Wassenaar arrangement in 1996. After its 2013 amendments, the arrangement includes, among other things, "intrusion software" and "internet based surveillance systems".

Note however, that FOSS is explicitly excluded from export control (but IANAL): "Controls do not apply to "technology" "in the public domain", to "basic scientific research" or to the minimum necessary information for patent applications." [The Wassenaar Arrangement: Second corrigendum to the list of dual-use goods and technologies and munition List]

I agree, but while translating manuals for OpenSource projects, I learned: Let's not forget that humor is _very_ difficult if not impossible to translate, as language always has a specific geographical, social or other background...