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Mint is first a personal choice, but I find there are aspects about it that suit creative work, such as its windows management and clean, simple interface. Try it! Nothing to lose. We have some LWKS tutorials on our site that you might find useful starting out, http://www.dototot.com/video-production/ and a post on why you should or shouldn't learn Lightworks: http://www.dototot.com/why-you-should-and-shouldnt-learn-lightworks-vid…

Hi Aaron,
Thanks for the feedback. Did you see the opening statements in that paragraph that you reference, discussing Bitwig and Lightworks?

"We initially wanted to produce the series entirely with free, open source software. But after investigating all of the available NLEs and DAWs, we realized that our fidelity to FOSS would leave us devoting more time to troubleshooting than to production. That said, we produce all of our media entirely on Linux-based machines."

We explored FOSS NLEs and DAWs such as as LMMS and OpenShot and found ourselves spending more time troubleshooting than actually using the software. We would love to use FOSS alternatives to Bitwig and Lightworks and will quickly and happily switch if viable options emerge.