Jashan Chittesh

Authored Comments

I've just registered on this site and opened an account to reply to this ;-)

I really like your idea and hope that you'll get this started and am happy to participate in funding this and spread the word. I'm glad you're already considering Kickstarter to get this started - crowdfunding seems like the perfect way of doing this.

Personally, I'd very much prefer IndieGoGo, though. It just seems to have a better "feel" to it (and I'd like to avoid Amazon payments which Kickstarter uses … and funny enough, while checking out how payment really works on IndieGoGo I just ended up supporting "Gray State" which appears to be a pretty interesting and at least somewhat related film project … and yes, all you need for IndieGoGo is a credit card - no annoying Amazon stuff involved).

The nice thing about crowdfunding is that you can use the platform also for crowdsourcing, i.e. to find people who are willing to support the project. I guess a few lawyers that are just as fed up with the patent troll system as software-engineers are should exist somewhere and would certainly help a lot with such a project.

I believe it would be very important to "distribute the power". In other words: Have a lot of individuals with a lot of patents all collaborating towards a common goal. That way, the patents generated this way cannot be abused (because the crowd would have to agree to that kind of abuse).

Let me know when the campaign is up! I'll gladly spread the word!