Jay Turner

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Jay Turner is head of the CloudRouter Project, the leading open source project for network collaboration and innovation. Jay has more than 20 years’ leadership experience in open source software, encompassing development, quality risk assessment, operations and support. In addition to his open source work, Jay works as Senior Director, Development and Operations at Console, a global software-defined interconnection company. Prior to joining Console, he was Director of Quality Engineering at Red Hat, responsible for the quality risk assessment of all product deliverables in the Red Hat Cloud Business Unit. During his 16-year tenure at Red Hat, he was a founding member of Red Hat’s Satellite Engineering Team overseeing the development of code that was later released to the community as Spacewalk. He also played an instrumental role in the release of Beaker, an open source utility for managing and automating test systems/labs. He is also a contributor to several open source projects such as Fedora, oVirt, Gluster, Red Hat JBoss Operations Network and Red Hat Global File System.

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