Jeremy Fritzen

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Is there anybody who tried Wabasi Cloud Storage to give us a feedback on the billing policy?

By the way, could you give us a Feedback about the billing policy?

I read the whole section related to the billing policy. It's pretty clear but I want to make sure about the billing before sending my data.

---My use case---
I plan to send my local data backup archive every day to the Wasabi Cloud Storage. The backup archive will always have the same name so the archive on Wasabi will be overwritten every day.

Let's say my archive is 1 TB, the bill for 1 month should be 3,99$.
If I understand well, I will be charged for 90days of storage for this archive, even if I overwrite it the second day, right?

Then, I understand that 1 archive file will cost me 3,99$ / 30 * 90 = 11,97$.
As I will overwrite this archive everyday by a new daily archive, is it right to think that for 1 year I will be charged:

11,97$ * 365 = 4379,05$ ?

Thank you very much for your help