Authored Comments

Ahmad, I see few contradictions between your emphases on Quality, Documentation, Testing, Discussions, Transparency, Synchronicity, and Democracy and the values of Scrum. (I think you know this anyway since you write "I don't feel the Agile Manifesto is at odds with The Open Development Method . . .") But remember, the Agile Manifesto is not Scrum, though Scrum aligns with it. I am aware that "synchronicity" is in conflict with agile's preference for colocation, but most agile practitioners don't forbid a distributed team: They just have reasons for thinking that some projects work better that way -- no doubt partly this has to do with the weakness of collaboration tools when agile was getting off the ground.

In matter of detail, it is important remember that Scrum is not a methodology for software engineering only -- it is a framework for developing and sustaining complex products (emphases on "complex" and "products"). That's a big and fundamental distinction. Scrum is rather silent on expecting testing, story scoring, etc. It doesn't specify these things, nor does Scrum forbid it, but the focus of Scrum is elsewhere.

I'm not sure about the "snake oil" labeling. The problem with labeling anything as "snake oil" is that the fundamental issue is likely more with gullible people who are given distorted versions of whatever is being "sold."