Jason Brock

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Jason Brock is a lovely fellow with a glorious beard and dark glasses. He wears a lot of plaid for some reason.
Austin, TX

Jason Brock is an experience and visual designer based in Austin, Texas. As part of Red Hat’s Middleware Engineering Services team, he has developed branding systems and web experiences for many of Red Hat’s upstream community projects including WildFly Swarm, APIMan, & Arquillian Cube. Jason is passionate about improving the developer experience and played a major role in the development of DevNation. Right now he’s supporting the Red Hat Developers Program and its efforts to build a vibrant and active community for software developers everywhere.

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That's a really interesting perspective, Helder. I didn't come across Akira in my searches but let's hope more tools like it surface and gain support.

My team has evaluated Figma as a possible alternative to Sketch / XD and found it to be a competent tool, but we couldn't justify the cost to ourselves since XD is already bundled into our CC Subscription price. And even though Figma is browser-based and therefore can run in an opensource environment, I chose not to include it in this article for the simple reason that Figma, itself, isn't an open source application.