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Harper Woods, Michigan

Jay LaCroix is a technologist from Michigan, with a focus on Linux and open-source software. Using Linux since 2002, Jay has been a die-hard fan ever since. He is currently a Senior Solutions Architect and freelance consultant and enjoys training and empowering others to use Linux and to make the most of this amazing software. In his free time, Jay is an author of books such as Linux Mint Essentials, Mastering Linux Network Administration and most recently, Mastering Ubuntu Server. In addition, Jay creates instructional Linux videos at www.learnlinux.tv.

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The revolutionary nature of Ansible comes from the fact that it's agentless, doesn't require a server, is lightweight, among other benefits. If you're wondering about all of the benefits that Ansible has to offer, I recommend you consult additional articles and books on the subject to grow your knowledge further.

In regards to not needing a server, having a Github repository doesn't constitute maintaining a server. Github's servers aren't maintained by the end-user. I only mentioned using your own Git server if you have one, because some individuals won't want to make their desktop configuration public, especially if the code contains any privileged information. But a server is not necessary. In fact, you could store all of this code on a flash drive and bypass having a Git repository if you wanted to go that far.

You seem to be missing the ending parenthesis on the following line:

backdrop = pygame.image.load(os.path.join('images','stage.png').convert())