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John Scott is a technologist with expertise in engineered systems and bridging the gap between decision-makers, scientists and engineers to develop policies for acquiring and deploying new technologies in the Department of Defense and US Government. He has focused his career on investigating and developing ideas for how large organizations design, construct and evolve extremely complex systems to meet National Security needs. John currently leads the Open Technology Development (OTD) initiative, which lays the groundwork for streamlined adoption of open source methodologies within the military. The impact of these shifts in policy and business process include not only increased agility for the U.S. military, but also an enhanced ability to securely share capabilities with allies and bring both data and technology to bear in disaster response and humanitarian assistance operations. Previous work as a consultant to DoD includes the development of new design and testing methodologies for military networks, and the development of complex systems modeling applications for distributed systems.
John is a term-Member at the Council on Foreign Relations, serves as the Chairman of the National Defense Industrial Association’s Command, Control, Communications and Computers Division, a member of the editorial board for DoD SoftwareTech News Magazine, a Founding & Executive Board Member of Open Source for America. He has a Masters of Science in Systems Engineering from Virginia Polytechnic & State University and a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Lehigh University.

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Mil-OSS working group 2 wrap-up

Openness in the military is coming of-age, as was evident to the attendees at the 2nd Military Open Source Software (Mil-OSS) working group held August 3-5 in Arlington…