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Joseph is a husband, start-up junkie/entrepreneur, open source software user, blogger and online course manager/developer for His goal is to advance open source software, open educational resources, educational opportunities and to make education more efficient. He writes about Moodle (at and a host of other interests wherever he can get published.

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Can you Moodle me now?

In its 10 year history, Moodle has been confined to computer screens around the world; with countless fields, description areas and scrolling filling the screen. There have…

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Interestingly (a Blackboard project) just announced this integration option.

Generally these features are later pushed to Learn...

As for Moodle there is SSO with Google Apps for Education and there are some plugins to add "web viewable" capabilities for uploaded files from MS Office and/or OpenOffice.

No Blackboard built it's own product which is proprietary. Through the acquisition they now have Moodle as another offering in their product line but the Moodle code base is not owned by Blackboard ( manages and develops the codebase)