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As a software engineer working in various OS stacks, Josh Fox has long wondered why all the ways for finding a better job are so incredibly broken.
In particular, deep knowledge of OS is in demand, and should give a
developer a boost when they want a better job.
So, he helped create FiveYearItch to let open-source communities highlight the skills of their members, getting more developers into their dream jobs.
He'd love to learn your thoughts about how to optimize job-matching in an open world, at

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Robin, these all demonstrate to business users that there is a full ecosystem -- a community that will give them what they need, once their organization is committed to the OS project.

My <a href=""></a> is just one aspect of that -- showing business users that developers with expertise will be available for hiring (while also helping bring good developers to the project).

Hi Botho, I can't say about the open-source eyewear or beer, but for OS software frameworks, the project is very relevant to the user's own credentials.

If a developer is an expert in a framework (and all the more so if she helps develop it, but that's not essential), then that is a marketable skill. It also shows that the developer cares about their work, that they hang out online in professional communities. Employers love this.

That's why OS software project need to boost their users by arranging job offers -- and so boost their own project.