I was first introduced to Open Source Software by a friend, who gave me a machine in 94 with Slackware installed on it. From that point on i was hooked. Bounced around between the Slackware and OpenSuSe communities before finally finding Puppy Linux. I became involved in the Puppy Linux Project in 2008, and have been a member and developer in that community ever since. I've worked in IT most of my adult life, aside from a short stint in the USAF. In 2011, I co-founded Obsidian Security Services, a small security consulting firm providing boutique services to business clients. In 2013, I joined the ranks of Jupiter Broadcasting as a producer for the largest and continually running Linux podcast, 'Linux Action Show' and its spin off show 'Linux Unplugged'. I'm currently a developer for Project Trident and Producer of the 'Ask Noah Show' on KEQQ 88.3 FM and am also the Producer of the podcasts "BSD Now", "Open Source Voices", and "The Opinion Dominion".

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"open" over an ocean

There's a wealth of high-quality open source photo editing tools, SouthEast LinuxFest presenter...