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Rochester NY

Karlie Robinson is a professional busy-body who funds her passion for all things open source through On-Disk.com. She is the lead architect for many successful programs, including; the On-Disk.com Developers Portal and the Fedora Sponsored Media Project. When she's not diving into Open Source development projects or taking care of business as the owner of Webpath Technologies, Karlie can be found at SCORE Rochester counseling small business start ups.

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To counter act the "piracy" message that so many people are familiar with I usually describe Open Source software as publicly licensed.

It immediately conveys the idea that it belongs to all of us. It aligns the ideas with a public park, public works, public restroom, or anything else for the people, by the people.

Cynic - Like all things Open Source, building the community support for RIT's inititives has been a vital step. They work closely with OLPC, Sugarlabs.org, The Fedora Project, TeachingOpenSource.org and others.

It's been amazing for me to see the XO laptop as a catalyst for RIT really take off and grow into the FOSS community.