Edward Renner

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University of South Florida

Edward Renner teaches in the Honors College at the University of South Florida. His university level course, Forums for a Future, is also available as a MOOC.
Professor Renner believes that learning and living are two sides of a single process; when separated, both are compromised. He has devoted his career to the practical application of political, economic, social and psychology concepts from the social sciences to the solution of significant social issues (such as racism, peace, sexual assault and homeless among others) as the means for both greater academic understanding and personal engagement. For him, the contemporary issue of our times is for the Millennials and the Boomers to engage in a cross-generational civic dialogue to redefine the role of power, wealth, and beliefs and values appropriate for living peacefully and sustainably on a crowded planet in the 21st Century. Forums for a Future is based on Professor Renner’s podcast series, iBook and blog of the same title. He is currently retired and teaches this course in the Honors College at the University of South Florida as an Adjunct Professor. Students leave Forums for a Future with an explicit (written) world view of their own creation as the basis for a coherent sense of self-direction in the new post-modern digital era. He received his PHD from Northwestern University in 1961, and has been a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Illinois and Dalhousie University in Canada.

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