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Des Moines, Iowa

Kyle R. Conway is a Vice President of Operations for a non-profit, a former Director of Training and Curriculum at a behavioral health organization, a recovering University Graduate part-time Art Instructor, and a perpetually afflicted multidiscriplinary artist.

Kyle holds a PhD in Fine Arts from Texas Tech University.

He likes tea.

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Agreed. It's nice to have a list of alternative ideas via the article (and links) though.

The main issue with PowerPoint was that it became a stand-in for "presentation"―a requirement on syllabi and the thing your boss asked you to make. What they really meant (and wanted) was clear communication, but what they said was "PowerPoint." And thus an entire generation mistook the tool for the thing.

Full article of my experience here:

I love FLAC files and prefer lossless and local (i.e. non-streaming) whenever I can. I felt compelled to comment because there was a relevant write-up at years ago that convinced me away from the massively higher quality audio files (and required gear). I thought I'd share here as I found them quite informative (and that video is my single favorite technical video / demo I've ever seen to this day). Highly recommended.

Thanks for writing!