Kendra Skeene

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Kendra Skeene
Atlanta, GA

Kendra oversees the state of Georgia’s enterprise Drupal platform, directing product strategy and working with development partners to enhance the state’s digital presence. She has managed several initiatives with the GeorgiaGov Interactive team, including the responsive and accessible platform initiatives.

Prior to leading the product team, Kendra led support and training for the GeorgiaGov platform, where she kept a close pulse on user issues and platform health. Kendra has more than 15 years of web design and development experience and has been involved in web-based training for nearly as long. 

As a champion for user centered design and development, Kendra has written for A List Apart,, and StateScoop. Kendra speaks at conferences about digital best practices (including accessibility), and platform strategy.

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We moved to Acquia's cloud hosting (using AWS), and the hosting savings has been a HUGE part of the cost savings for us compared to self-hosting at the scale we're dealing with. We get faster updates, better hardware, and quicker security updates, to name a few. Cloud hosting has been a lifesaver for us, and a large part of our success.

Great question! We take a few approaches - for one thing, we let our customers know that we're adding their request to our wish list. We have some requests in the backlog that have been there for a couple of years, but that doesn't mean we've forgotten about them. A lot of customers just want to know they've been heard, and typically they understand if we can't prioritize it. But we have found that list useful when two or three other customers ask for the same thing, OR when a contrib module is upgraded and we realize that the upgrade will address a previous request. Some wish list items will most likely not make their way into the platform until D8, but we haven't forgotten them.

In other instances, some of our customers need functionality that isn't on the platform and isn't on our top priority list, and they're willing to find budget to pay for it. In those cases, requests that come with their own funding do take priority.