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Kurt Stam
Ipswich, MA

Kurt Stam has been working in the enterprise integration space for the two decades. He has designed and implemented integration solutions for high-volume distributed systems in the telecommunication, financial, and travel industries. He is a core middleware developer at Red Hat where he worked on JBossESB, Apache jUDDI, S-RAMP and SOA Governance. Currently he is working on the Fabric8 project. He is passionate about open source and holds a Ph.D. in Computational Mechanics. In his spare time he kayaks along the East coast of the US.

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If you install 32 bit binaries and RPi docker images on both then yes. You probably want to run 64 bit binaries on the RPi 3 though, and then you cannot put them into the same cluster.

Not sure Dennis, hop over to Project31, and open an issue, and as many details, logs, stack traces etc. Then we can try to debug it there. We also have an Ansible playbook now: https://github.com/Project31/ansible-kubernetes-openshift-pi3