Laurel L. Russwurm

Authored Comments blogs are licenced CC by-sa:
my <a href="">personal blog</a>
<a href="">Oh! Canada</a>
<a href="">techDITZ</a>
<a href="">Libreleft Books</a> blog

with the exception of <a href="">interweb freedom</a> which uses CC 0 to put it directly into the public domain

All my photographs are shared with CC licenses, not just on Flickr but on <a href="">Tumblr</a>
and <a href="">Pinterest</a>

I'm also a selfpublishing author, who has released my debut novel <a href="">Inconstant Moon</a> under CC by-nc-sa

I don't *think* I missed anything...

I agree, most creators are afraid to try such things because it is different from what we've grown up with. That's why it is so important to promote CC. I like your designs, and so I've just added your pen-plane to my Pinterest "Free Culture" page