Lee Tusman is a new media artist, programmer and educator interested in the application of the radical ethos of collectives and DIY culture to the creation of, aesthetics, and open-source distribution methods of digital culture. His artistic output includes interactive media, video art, net art, experimental videogames, sound art, websites, twitter bots and micro-power radio stations.

Authored Content

A person looking at a phone

The new Gemini internet protocol may not have an iOS app, but you can still access its clients from your iPad or iPhone.
collection of hardware on blue backround

The Linux command line on iOS? Yes, you can.
Code going into a computer.

After 25 years, Lee made the switch to Linux and couldn't be happier. Here's what he uses.
Stereo radio with dials

Play your favorite internet radio stations—while keeping your personal data private—with PyRadio.