Authored Comments

MX Linux is, by far, the best GNU/Linux operating system I have ever used in ten years of using Linux. It is also the easiest distribution to set up once installed. The Xfce desktop environment is extremely well-designed and is simple to configure to one's liking.

I am a bit perplexed about the comment that support and help are lacking.

In my own experience, having used MX Linux for over two years, I have found the MX Linux Forum to be the best forum I have ever had the pleasure of using. EVERY question or comment I have asked or made has been answered completely and politely. Frankly, I wish that MX Linux were better known. And I wish that all forums were as helpful and friendly as is that of MX Linux.

If there were ever an operating system which could be recommended to people wishing to migrate from Microsoft Windows or Apple MAC, MX Linux is, in my opinion, positively the one.