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Email to me is perfect for this function, I manage/setup several postfix email servers. I have heard others say email is going away, I find this to be ridiculous to say in the least. Email is something taken for granted that it 'always works'. You can manage thousands of accounts, including spam appliances and no one could careless. However with that being said, if someone thinks if 'ONE' email was blocked or somehow rejected it is the end of the world.
With that being said, with email it is always something no one ever thanked the admin for having a service available for internal/external customers. It is truly a thankless service, however I believe receiving an email from a user forum after someone has responded to your question is still 'state of the art' real time communication. People think that social media sites are going to replace it, they are wrong.

I agree with the previous comments, a 'bug' now is a give in any software.
However, I find this leads to two famous arguments - closed source and open source code. If closed source code was so secure and superior because no one can see the code to exploit it. Then why is it when the closed source code is released in an 'exploitative' way the vendors are concerned?
I do not see any concern to see source code if the OS, APP ect... is written correctly. Two people may not write in the same way and sometimes being 'open' to suggestions gives you a broader view point of the overall picture than just a 'narrow' view of a widget.
I have found a collaborative effort will produce better results when the individuals contribution is appreciated. In the real world is farther from the truth, most of the time one person wants to be promoted as the one horse show or taking all the glory.