Elizabeth Mattijsen

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Elizabeth Mattijsen
Echt, The Netherlands

Elizabeth Mattijsen has been programming for a living since 1978 in various (mostly now defunct) programming languages before she started programming in Perl 4. In 1994 she started the first commercial web site development company in the Netherlands, using Perl 5 as the main programming language. From 2003 onwards, she was involved in the rapid growth of an online Hotel Reservation service. In 2012 she got more directly involved in the development of Rakudo Perl 6. From 2015 she has also been mostly responsible for the Perl 6 Weekly, a weekly blog post about developments in the Perl 6 world.

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Thank you for continuing to try!

You are right. I must have been looking at it with my Perl 6 glasses on. Thanks for the spot!