Cowboy Bob

Authored Comments

1. Someday, children, all this will be open source!
2. See, children, you can do <em>anything</em> using open source.
3. Could you tell us please, Miss, why aren't you using open source software on your machine?
4. If you please, Miss, are you using open source on that machine?
5. Well, I <em>thought</em> it was Windows, but it is really is open source!
6. Well, it is so cool that I thought it was OSX, but it turns out <em>it's open source</em>!
7. Please Miss, if we use open source, will we get our colors back?
8. If you please Miss, which open source operating system to <em>you</em> prefer, Red Hat, Ubuntu, or Debian?
9. See children, I'm just logging on to Git-Hub to get the latest open-sourced compiler for my Arduino.
10. That's very cool, Miss, but which open-source package manager are you using to update your core?