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Lucy writes for Website Builder Expert to help people of all abilities build an online presence. She enjoys writing about everything from WordPress to web design, to hosting and security and beyond! She's had her work published on various blogs, including Shopify, UsabilityGeek, GlobalSign, and Marketing Donut.

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Hello Kenneth,
Thank you so much for your comment! You're absolutely right, it should say .htaccess file, please accept my apologies for the error! I'm working on changing it as we speak - thank you for pointing it out, no apologies needed at all, I'm very glad you did.
I hope you enjoyed the rest of the article - many thanks, and take care!

This was such an interesting read Don, thank you! I wish we'd been introduced to WordPress in the classroom when I was at school - reading through your article it just seems to make sense. I hadn't heard of Hugo before though - one to check out!