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Wiesbaden, Germany

Paul Piper is an open source enthusiast and passionate about all things e-commerce. He briefly worked for a venture capital company before founding his own digital agency Ilscipio. Ever since then he has worked and played with various web technologies and acted as a consultant to mid- to large size companies. Paul currently focuses on the development of Scipio ERP, where he works as a project lead and as a consultant on client implementations.

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Hey mika,

glad that you asked. In terms of payment methods, there is really no limit. You can configure all the usual (cash, check, company accounts, credit card, EFT, cash on delivery, offline payments, paypal, gift card, worldpay etc.). There is also an addon available through which you can accept bitcoin payments via the lightning network.

In terms of payment gateways, there are several to choose from as well - Paypal, Stripe, Redsys, Worldpay and others.