Marcin Kierdelewicz

Authored Comments

Great article Steve! Open Source is the biggest innovation in the world and everyone benefits from it. Starting from Linux as an operating system, through enterprise open source software to open source hardware and other open initiatives like Open Building Institute who build houses in open source way and more. The change that open source has brought to software industry is enormous with more than 95% of commercial software companies using open source parts in their software today. It's time to expand that sort of innovation behind the software industry with open innovation and crowdfunding. Community, customers and partners are the best people to suggest improvements in products and services they use. They’re happy to be early adopters as well as financially contribute to innovation development. All large software companies are building their own open innovation platforms today but it doesn't need to be so expensive. There is open source version of open innovation platform at with more features than not one commercial product. Every product manager can use it, create their community, gather ideas and make them happen. Adoption is growing fast with community reaching 2,000 users and it’s just the beginning.