Mark Atwood

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Yes, lightweight, this advice works for non-FLOSS devs as well. This was pointed out during the Q&A at the end of my session.

One thing worth noting is that while this approach is useful getting a non-FLOSS job, if you use it to get a FLOSS jobs, and then keep doing it, it will continue to work to get the *NEXT* job as well. One of the risks of non-FLOSS development is that you can drop off the radar, and when the job ends, your portfolio and reputation has a hole in it.

@jelabarre, that's not true. One of the awesome things about open source jobs is how much more often they can be long distance telecommute work. Good open source employers don't care that you're not in an expensive city. I know more than a few successful open source people who live in or even moved to so called "dying areas", rural outbacks, rustbelt zones, and even just more livable cities. The Bay Area is hardly livable or affordable. Having a high tech job salary in an "economically depressed" area can mean your dollars go a lot farther.