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I might be missing something, what was it that Jellyfin gets you that, say a directory with all your music in it and some sort of cli player like mpg123 (my fav) or if you need/want GUI, vlc or other player doesn't get you? I don't use Windows or Mac so cross platform isn't really important but being able to just play my files instead of having some media player 'system' manage them is the key for me-that and it being FOSS.

On Android, I use Shuttle, which is a great FOSS player.

On any system I use, I just have a directory called music on an sd card or disk and I'm good to go regardless of what system I'm on. If I want to get to my entire library I have a copy of it on a Linux cloud server so it's just a sftp command away to download.

Is it because you want to stream them from a centralized place? I'll admit I haven't really ever had a need or desire to stream music. I prefer the ability to play music or other media files with my phone or computer disconnected from any network.

Anyways, good article.