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Mark Krake
Bonn, Germany

Mark Krake is a Requirements Engineer and Software Developer, Co-Founder of metasfresh Open Source ERP, Community Member of ADempiere ERP and Founder Member of the ADempiere Foundation

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Hi Greg,
thanks for your feedback. You pointed out something very interesting about "expert/ asset" of a team.

Yes, we have this flexibility to decide and it is even wanted and happens on a daily basis. We don't really have "the one expert/ asset" in our team, which is also a result of our culture. Each individual in our team is considered as valuable part of our community. Our team/ community is our asset.

I will explain on a practical example from our company/ community. We develop open source ERP Software and deliver weekly stable releases. Each release has a diverse selection of issues that have to be done.
The issues differ because of their type (new functionality, enhancement, bug fix), their functional and technical requirements and their complexity. Mostly each team member finds one or more issues that fit perfectly into their chosen expertise. If not then an issue is taken which is not their comfort zone and it's decided among the team how the knowledge can be transferred.

This approach leads to a continuous kind of natural transition of know how among our team members and gives each member the possibility to switch their focus without leaving a gap.

Hi Vicky,
thanks a lot.
I had a very inspiring talk with Bryan Behrenshausen a few weeks ago about #TheOpenOrg topics and I'm currently preparing some outlines for articles about these in our community/ company.
I'll give it a try and proceed with an outline about the user focus in our project too. ;-)