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I moved from Fedora and SuSE to Slackware, to get away from systemd. My life is much better now I'm back with sysv .

I run Fedora 26 on my EEE netbook of 2011 vintage. It's a bit slow but it is convenient. My main box is upstairs (Slackware), and generally switched off. It's a pain to go up stairs, fire it up, look up that one thing on imdb or whatever, and then go back down stairs again. The netbook is there in the lounge, and can still work off battery for about 30 minutes. It was also very useful when I was reinstalling the main box during my summer break. Not having run Slackware before, I used it to look up information while the main box was installing. I also started my install log on it - I have install logs going back 20 years, for each version of Linux on the different boxes I have owned.