Matii Denys

Authored Comments

The first time I heard about Linux was in a little telegram group, where people had Redmi Note 4 phone and enjoyed flashing it. There were some geeky guys and they were insured of open-source idea, but I wasn't interested yet.
A little time later my GPU broke and my pc hardly worked on windows 7, which i was using, so i decided to give a shot to Linux Mint. I'm not gonna lie it was good, even though I managed to completely break repos.
Later I found MX Linux, which fitted ideally, but even then i didn't understand much about Linux.
My love to Linux started recently, when I with my friend was installing ArchLinux, that was love from the first sight. Since then I prefer using open-source or cross-platform solutions, as I don't really like how sometimes companies don't play attention to Linux users. But yeah, I'm still using only Linux as my main OS and it's pain to boot into Windows, where you can't even solve your problems without re-installing. Thanks for reading, good luck. =)