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Adam Miller is a member of the Ansible Engineering Team at Red Hat focusing on the Ansible Core runtime, Linux system administration automation, container orchestration integrations, and Information Security automation. Adam has completed his Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and Masters of Science in Information Assurance and Security, both from Sam Houston State University. He is a Red Hat Certified Engineer (Cert# 110-008-810), and an active member of the open source community with a running history of contributions to the Ansible and Fedora Projects.


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Default interactive shell for Ubuntu is still bash, dash is used for executing anything with #!/bin/sh which provided a faster shell for POSIX sh use cases (such as SysV init and Upstart daemon scripts).

Same here, I'm a big fan of vi-mode myself and hoped to share with others in a (hopefully) fun and friendly way. Thank you for the kind words!